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Email Pre-Sync for Students, May 30 - Google Apps for OSU

Email Pre-Sync, May 15

Student ONID mailbox pre-sync with Google begins May 30

While use of Google Apps is optional, ONID email service for students will transition to OSU-owned Google mailboxes by the end of 2013. OSU must therefore begin pre-syncing student email between the current ONID mailboxes and new Google mailboxes on May 30, 2013.

The pre-sync will facilitate email migration and will affect all students who currently have email stored in their ONID mailbox including those who choose to not transition to Gmail during the opt-in period. In other words, any email stored in a student's ONID mailbox will be copied over to Google, even if s/he continues to use ONID webmail.

If you do not want any email to be copied to Google's servers, or if you have messages larger than 25MB, please follow the instructions below to remove any or all email from your ONID account.

Please note that pre-syncing applies only to student ONID email. ONID mailboxes associated with employees and affiliates will not be pre-synced to Google.

Students, take action before May 30

If you do not want any email currently stored in your ONID mailbox to be copied to Google's servers, please follow the instructions below to remove any or all email from your ONID account. This step is completely optional: we are not recommending that you remove any email that pertains to your work at OSU, since OSU's ONID email and the future space on Google are subject to the existing FERPA regulations and to the University's Acceptable Use Policies.

How to prepare your ONID mailbox

  • Login to your ONID mail account. If you don't know how to do this, please see this ONID help document.
  • Look through every mail folder. Delete any message that you do not want migrated to Google.
  • Go to the Trash folder and purge every email you have placed in the Trash. This is important, because all messages found in the Trash folder will be copied to OSU’s space on Google unless you have purged them.

At this point, your ONID mailbox should be prepared for the pre-sync. If it's important to keep your ONID mailbox cleaned out, you may wish to forward your ONID email.

Again, as a reminder, only student ONID email will be pre-synced. Exchange-hosted mailboxes will not be pre-synced (Exchange mailboxes are generally associated with @oregonstate.edu email addresses) and no faculty or staff email will be pre-synced.

Why are we pre-syncing ONID email?

Due to the limitations that Google places on data transfers, OSU must begin pre-syncing email from ONID mailboxes to facilitate the ONID opt-in period for email transition. Currently, there are approximately 4 terabytes (or ~4,000,000 megabytes) of student data on our ONID email server, and it will take over two weeks to complete the pre-sync.