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Google Apps for OSU

Key Points

  • Your Google Apps for OSU account is now activated.
  • Always use the login portal to access Google Apps for OSU.
  • Students' ONID mailboxes are now hosted at Google Apps for OSU, and all email sent to their ONID email addresses (@onid.oregonstate.edu and @onid.orst.edu) are now delivered to Google Mail.
  • Employees may use the ONID email opt-in tool to migrate ONID email to Google Mail, but it is not required and you may use the other Google Apps for OSU without opting in. You should discuss with your department and your IT support team whether opting in is right for you.
  • The core Google Apps — Drive, Mail, Calendar, Sites, and Groups — are covered under an agreement with Google as an OSU space, so you may use these apps to store University data and conduct University business.

More About OSU and Google Services

  • Google Apps for Education is free; OSU is not paying Google for any service
  • Google Apps for OSU is a University-sanctioned and University-controlled space, and our agreement with Google stipulates that they cannot mine our data or serve us ads
  • The University is not requiring any employee to use any Google service
  • The University is not taking any existing service offline as a result of bringing Google Apps for OSU online

Using Google Apps for OSU to Share & Collaborate

The OSU Directory has been incorporated into Google Apps for OSU, so you can easily share with others who have an @onid.oregonstate.edu email address.

You may also collaborate in your Google space with anyone else who has a Google account. This includes any Gmail user and any Google Apps for Education user (examples: faculty at Cornell, Stanford, and the University of Oregon).

Every file and document uploaded to Google Drive has a single "owner." When a person's ONID account is cancelled (for example, this typically happens 12 months after a person graduates), all files owned by that person are removed.

Google Apps for OSU accounts are granted unlimited storage in Drive, Mail and Google+ for photos.

Introduction: "Google Apps for OSU: The Essentials"

This 11 minute video is the introductory content to "Google Apps for OSU: The Essentials," a session for OSU employees.