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Google Drive

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  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, more
  • Unlimited storage
Google Mail

Google Mail (for ONID email only)

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  • Google Mail is now enabled for all student ONID email
  • Unlimited space is available for your ONID mailbox
  • 对于用户无法直接访问谷歌服务的国家, 请按照这些VPN说明: Windows苹果
Google Calendar

Google Calendar

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  • Schedule meetings and events
  • Share team calendars
Google Groups

Google Groups

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Google Sites

Google Sites

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  • Build a website without writing code
  • Collaborate with a team
  • Note - use Sites only for internal, unofficial or academic capacities. Please use OSU Drupal for official, external communications.

Non-Core Apps

After you login to your Google Apps for OSU account, many non-core apps may be accessed. Google's consumer Terms of Service apply to all non-core apps. The OSU Computer Helpdesk will only provide support for the core apps listed above.


Google has made changes that affects the storing of conversation history in Hangouts. Now the conversations will be stored in your Google Drive (Core App) and also your Hangout application (Non-Core App). We have enabled the Hangout functionality to allow use of the chat system in all of the Google ecosystem; but please be aware that the discussions are not fully protected under our agreement with Google