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Last Name First name Department Position Phone Officesort icon
Reiman Nathan Student Services Lead Reception 541-737-1264 ILLC 173
Creager Erin Student Services Administrative Coordinator / Student Services 541-737-1264 ILLC 167
Lawton Emily Student Services Care & Conduct Coordinator 541-737-2409 ILLC 147
Prejean Summer UHDS ILLC Resident Director 541-737-3681 ILLC 145
Purdy Sydney Learning Center Learning Center and Testing Coordinator 541-737-1813 ILLC 138
Hansen Brendan Learning Center Assistant Coordinator 541-737-2309 ILLC 138
Rochester Kathleen Faculty Special Programs Coordinator 541-737-5678 ILLC 138
Pipenko Elena Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 136
Harger Bouquet Student Services Receptionist 541-737-1195 Heckart 117