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Last Namesort icon First name Department Position Phone Office
Hendrick Beck Jan Faculty Instructor ILLC 447
Hernandez Ernesto Faculty Academic English Associate Program Manager 541-737-2436 University Plaza 235
Hewitt Gary Faculty Instructor 541-737-2302 ILLC 443
Hopkins Andrea Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Hughes Mary Faculty General English Program Manager 541-737-2908 ILLC 182
Hull Lise Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 243
Ireland Isabella Faculty Instructor 541-737-2243 ILLC 247
Ismailova Zulia Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Issabekova Tursynay Academic Support Student Support Advisor 541-737-5720 ILLC 182
Jackson Bernard IT Programmer / Analyst Data Administrator 541-737-8886 ILLC 177
Javorsky Rebecca Faculty Instructor 541-737-8880 University Plaza 235
Javorsky Larry Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Jedidi Jalloul Student Services Arabic Language & Culture Advisor 541-737-8614 ILLC 181
Johansen Tiffany Admissions Graduate Admissions Specialist 541-737-5719 ILLC 181
Johnson Helen Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 247
Kagaya Claire Faculty Instructor ILLC 543
Kelley Wade IT Programmer Analyst 541-737-1003 ILLC 177c
Kilfoil Natasha Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
King Celeste Faculty Graduate Pathway Associate Program Manager 541-737-4159 ILLC 247
Knutson Lois Academic Support Academic Support Assistant 541-737-6975 ILLC 182
Kostka Zachary Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Kowal Beth Academic Support Student Support Advisor 541-737-6983 ILLC 182
Krenzler Lisa Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Kropp Susan Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Lam Katrina Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Evaluator 541-737-2250 ILLC 181
Lamb Madison Academic Support Student Support Advisor 541-737-5518 ILLC 182
Lane David Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 University Plaza 235
Larson Ann Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 ILLC 343
Larson Julia Admissions Graduate Admissions Evaluator 541-737-5719 ILLC 181
Lawton Emily Student Services Care & Conduct Coordinator 541-737-2409 ILLC 175