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Last Name First name Department Positionsort icon Phone Office
Betjemann Julianna Student Services Director of Student Experience 541-737-6988 ILLC 172
Creager Erin Executive Assistant 541-737-1264 ILLC 177
Alapai Ikaika Executive Assistant 541-737-5683 ILLC 175
Arif Lana Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-6913 ILLC 175
Norek Sarah Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
Madden Bailey Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-2203 ILLC 175
Perry-Guetti Debra Finance Finance Manager 541-737-4288 ILLC 175
Al Shemoosi Hafsa Finance Finance Specialist 541-737-2453 ILLC 175
Song Jessie Yu Finance Finance Specialist / Chinese Language Advisor 541-737-2536 ILLC 175
Duncan Tonya Finance Finance Specialist/Advisor 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
McMurtrey Allison Faculty General English Associate Program Manager 541-737-2455 ILLC 443
Hughes Mary Faculty General English Program Manager 541-737-2908 ILLC 182
Cagley Dawn Admissions Graduate Admissions Assistant Manager 541-737-5721 ILLC 181
Turner Elizabeth Admissions Graduate Admissions Evaluator 541-737-2595 ILLC 181
Larson Julia Admissions Graduate Admissions Evaluator 541-737-5719 ILLC 181
Johansen Tiffany Admissions Graduate Admissions Specialist 541-737-5719 ILLC 181
King Celeste Faculty Graduate Pathway Associate Program Manager 541-737-4159 ILLC 247
Othman Muhammed Academic Support Graduate Pathway Associate Program Manager 541-737-2243 University Plaza 175
White Erich Faculty Graduate Pathway Program Manager 541-737-6986 ILLC 182
LeRiche Laurie Management Human Resources Manager 541-737-8899 ILLC 175
Prejean Summer UHDS ILLC Resident Director 541-737-3681 ILLC 145
Halligan Dale Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
Kostka Zachary Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Bean Angela Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
Al-Hawamdeh Imad Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 543
Kagaya Claire Faculty Instructor ILLC 543
Johnson Helen Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 247
Golliher Roberta Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Geisbert Diann Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Gerig Carly Faculty Instructor 541-737-2302 ILLC 443