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Last Name First name Department Position Phone Officesort icon
Wang Jennifer Faculty Instructor 541-737-2456 ILLC 181
Gilmour Bob Faculty Director of Academic Programs 541-737-4287 ILLC 180
Lewis Laurie ISAS Director / ISAS 541-737-4630 ILLC 178
Dougherty Liz Student Services Housing & Arrivals Assistant 541-737-2031 ILLC 177c
Walkin Julie International Programs International Initiatives Coordinator 541-737-6419 ILLC 177B
Dennis Yuliya Faculty Executive Assistant 541-737-3564 ILLC 177
Jackson Bernard IT Programmer / Analyst Data Administrator 541-737-8886 ILLC 177
Christopherson Emiko ISAS International Student Advisor 541-737-5794 ILLC 177
Morris Katherine Faculty Assistant to Laurie Lewis 541-737-6433 ILLC 177
Taylor Margaret IT Systems Integration Manager 541-737-1138 ILLC 177
Rosenberg Valerie Admissions Director, OSU International Admissions - Director, INTO OSU Student Experience 541-737-4286 ILLC 176
Arif Lana Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-6913 ILLC 175
Al Shemoosi Hafsa Finance Finance Specialist 541-737-2453 ILLC 175
Hall Jason Marketing/Recruitment International Marketing & Recruitment Manager 541-737-1252 ILLC 175
Glick Casey Student Services Student Engagement Coordinator 541-737-1838 ILLC 175
Dean Allen Student Services Residential Experience Coordinator 541-737-8825 ILLC 175
Betjemann Julianna Student Services Student Services Manager 541-737-6988 ILLC 175
Norek Sarah Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
Misner Ryoko Finance Finance Assistant / Japanese Language Advisor 541-737-2423 ILLC 175
Lawless Warren Marketing/Recruitment Marketing Coordinator 541-737-0609 ILLC 175
LeRiche Laurie Management Human Resources Manager 541-737-8899 ILLC 175
Rhodes Jonathan Management Operations Manager 541-737-4289 ILLC 175
Schnoor Jay Marketing/Recruitment International Recruitment Coordinator 541-737-5807 ILLC 175
Song Jessie Yu Finance Finance Specialist / Chinese Language Advisor 541-737-2536 ILLC 175
Dodd Lauren Student Services Assistant Manager 5417372442 ILLC 175
Madden Bailey Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-2203 ILLC 175
McGowan Amy Management Center Director 541-737-4290 ILLC 174
Reiman Nathan Student Services Lead Reception 541-737-1264 ILLC 173
Creager Erin Student Services Administrative Coordinator / Student Services 541-737-1264 ILLC 167
Lawton Emily Student Services Care & Conduct Coordinator 541-737-2409 ILLC 147