Oregon State University

Electrical Utility Shutdown: June 23, 2013

Pacific Power & Light will be updating portions of the power grid on the OSU Corvallis campus over the coming weeks, necessitating some weekend power shutdowns to a number of buildings on campus. The replacement of these older, lesser load switches is part of a plan to provider greater power system stability on campus.

A number of incidents over the last several years on campus, including an electrical fire in steam tunnels underneath campus, and a power outage which prevented alarms from going off during the recent flooding of the Linus Pauling Science Center, have demonstrated the need to provide upgrades to the electrical system. These updates will require power shutdowns on a number of separate occasions, listed below:

PP&L, our Electrical Utility provider, is scheduling an all-day electrical shutdown, to replace 1-4kv oil switch for Nash Hall, this Sunday,  June 23rd. The PP&L crews will have their trucks and equipment staged along Campus Way, between 26th and 30th. The work will take place in the Campus Utility Tunnel.

Proposed schedule for the June 23th Electrical Shutdown.

The following buildings will be without power from approximately 9am-7pm.

  • Withycombe

These buildings will have the power shut off at 9am and re-energized at approximately 10am. Then de-energized at 6pm and re-energized at approximately 7pm.

  • Nash
  • Gilmore
  • Ballard Extension
  • Women’s Building

Your contacts for questions and concerns regarding this shutdown are Stuart Larson (stuart.larson@oregonstate.edu) and Scott Drahn (scott.drahn@oregonstate.edu) .  You can also contact the Campus Operations Work Coordination Center (541) 737-2969.