Oregon State University

Home Page Publishing Guidelines

This page outlines our guidelines for publishing on OSU's home page. We will break down the page by region and explain the selection criteria. University communicators can use this information to plan for integration with OSU's home page and for supplying content suggestions.

The redesign of OSU's home page is an ongoing process. Interactive Communications supports the design and content, and Central Web Services supports the hosting and devleopment. A campus-wide steering committee provides ongoing guidance.


The new banner contains several regions: the OSU tag and logo, the utility links, the search box, horizontal navigation, audience drop-down and the expanded navigation.


This is the new default design for displaying OSU's identity on the Web. All sites should strive to include the default top hat, which includes this tag. Code is provided in the Brand Identity Guidelines. The old logo will be phased out over time.

Utility Links

These links represent important functions/actions that can be performed online. Links can only be added and removed to the utility navigation by approval of the Web Steering Committee.

Search Box

This search box is part of an ongoing redevelopment of the OSU Search, powered by a Google search appliance. It includes integrated site search and people search (find someone). When included on an OSU sub-site, the default of this search box is to search just that site, with an option to search all of OSU.

Horizontal Navigation

These links represent five key areas of the OSU experience: the institution is broken down into its Academic mission (Academics), its status as the leading research university in Oregon (Research), its status as a Pac-10 Conference school with a host intercollegiate and campus athletics opportunities (Athletics), its Land Grant mission (Extension and Outreach), and the campus experience (Campus Life). These links can only be updated or changed with the approval of the Web Steering Committee.

Audience Drop-down

This navigation allows users to identify themselves as an audience member. An audience link can only be added to this list if it is campus-wide and has an updated, branded landing page with current content. A maximum of 30 items will be permitted on this list due to available screen real estate and functional needs. You can request inclusion from Interactive Communications. If 30 items are reached, the list will be prioritized by the popularity of the landing page, frequency of relevant key words in search queries and strategic importance to the institution.

Expanded menu

Links in the expandable menu are curated according to search popularity, volume of traffic and strategic importance. A maximum of 10 items can appear in any list. Requests for inclusion or rewording can be submitted to Interactive Communications.

Feature Stories

The feature story section serves to highlight people and programs that illustrate Oregon State's character as an institution. The guiding principle for content in this section will be the Strategic Plan, the Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan and Admissions goals. Stories will reflect the diversity of the Oregon State community. Stories will also be geared toward depicting students' and faculty's impact on their communities and opportunities for students both academically (i.e. study abroad), vocationally (i.e. internships) and within their communities (i.e. service). Feature stories should portray Oregon State as an institution that positively impacts people, the planet and the economy.

Campus Beauty Photo

To the right of the feature stories is the Campus Beauty Photo. The purpose of this section is to give visitors an idea of what it's like to experience the OSU campus. Our research has shown that our Corvallis campus location is our strongest recruiting asset with prospective students, and it is also the bond to which our alumni are most attached. By integrating the campus experience with the home page, we're leveraging our greatest asset. Clicking the photo launches a slideshow of strong images that show off OSU's campus and locations. These updates can be changed seasonally. Our University Marketing office will select and update the imagery in this space, and will field any questions or suggestions about the content of this area.

Content Area

Below our feature stories, users will find a customizable content area. This area gives Oregon State's major audiences the chance to customize their home page experience. Important information for each of these five key audiences is curated by teams of subject matter experts (SMEs), with the assistance of Interactive Communications


News items featured in this section must be up-to-date, relevant, have a broad appeal and illustrate Oregon State's strengths. Emphasis will be given to stories that are likely to garner national attention, as well as those that highlight the Strategic Plan and the IMC. Consideration will be given in this section to the goal of recruiting high-achieving students and making an impact on young Oregon State alumni. News content is curated by the Office of News and Research Communications.


Events that appear on the home page calendar should have a broad, university-wide appeal with a particular focus on students, IMC messaging and the Strategic Plan. All events must be open to the general public, and most should take place on the OSU campus. Events are selected by Interactive Communications and University Events from the main OSU calendars.

Featured Sites

This section highlights active, dynamic websites on campus that have a university-wide appeal and a strong correspondence to IMC messaging and the Strategic Plan. They can feature events, programs, or important information for the university. Featured sites rotate throught the top tier pages, and a subset of these sites is curated for the home page. Contact Interactive Communications to submit a featured site.


Footer navigation reflects links that appear in the expanded menus in the top banner of the home page, plus contact information and links to our social networks. Like the banner of the home page, our intention is to make this footer available for inclusion in websites accross campus.