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Computers - Dual Boot Laptops

Our 13" Macbook Pro laptops are dual boot systems, so you can run either Mac OS X or Windows 7.

Software Available

Please note that some of the Mac applications require a connection to the Virtual Computing Lab (RemoteApps)

Mac OS X


Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Office Suite
- Illustrator - Word
- InDesign - PowerPoint
- Photoshop - Excel
- Audition - Outlook
- Dreamweaver Statgraphics Centurion
- Distiller Skype
- Fireworks VPN Access to Campus
- Acrobat Pro  
- Contribute  
- After Effects  
- Flash  
Firefox Web Browser  
Cyberduck FTP Client  
XChat IRC Client  
Microsoft Office Suite  
- Excel  
- Powerpoint  
- Outlook  
- Word  
Audacity Audio Editor  
DSS Player  
Dashcode IDE  
Titanium Studio Mobile App Developer  
Xcode Suite  
Final Cut Pro  
Autodesk Maya  
Autodesk Composite  
Computers available for checkout

Computer Accessories

  • Mouse
  • Macbook Power Adapter *3 hour only
  • Display Output Adapters
    • MiniDisplay -to- VGA
    • MiniDVI -to- VGA
    • DVI -to- VGA
  • VGA Cable
  • DVI Cable
  • USB Cable (various types)