OSU: Taiwan, Fu Jen University (Exchange)

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This program is open to OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences students. Fu Jen University is located on the northern side of Taiwan in Taipei County. The political status of Taiwan is complex, but the island is claimed by the People's Republic of China although Taipei is the provisional capital on the island of Taiwan. With nine colleges and 23,000 students, Fu Jen Catholic University is the largest private university in Taiwan. Founded in 1925 and reestablished in 1960, it has helped Taiwan establish itself in the world market even with its small population, which is often referred to as the “Taiwan Miracle’. There have been changes in its outlook as a state country with applications for the UN along with moves towards a national defense.


With nine colleges and 23000 students, Fu Jen Catholic University is the largest private university in Taiwan. Founded in 1925, the university has sister relationships with more than 100 renowned universities world-wide and promotes a holistic education. For more information, please visit the Fu Jen University website.

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2.75 GPA, Sophomore standing.

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The is a bilateral exchange program between Fu-Jen University and OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences. Unlike the 10-week study abroad program, the exchange program will allow OSU students to take any courses that are open to exchange students at Fu-Jen Univeristy.

Application deadline for the exchange program is February 15 for Fall term. This exchange is available either for fall term only or for the entire academic year (i.e. Fall, Winter & Spring terms). For more details, visit the PHHS Taiwan website for more details.

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Exchange students pay regular OSU tuition to OSU and all other expenses (e.g. housing, books, personal expenses) should be paid in Taiwan. Contact Carey Hilbert for more details.

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