MAMTA Application Process and Timeline

1 - If you are interested in MAMTA internship, view the online First Steps presentation.

2 -Discuss with your academic advisor and/or internship advisor how MAMTA internship will fit in your curriculum at OSU to determine the best term for you to go abroad.

3 - Visit the MAMTA website to learn more about the organization, its mission and services, to make sure this internship aligns with your academic, professional, and personal goals.

4 - Call International Programs front desk (541-737-3006) to make an appointment with the MAMTA internship advisor in IDEA.

5 - Give yourself plenty of time to work on your application materials, as well as any scholarship applications. The Writing Center and Cereer Center can provide you help with editing of your resume, cover letter, and personal essay. What you submit will be reviewed by your potential internship supervisor, and everything should be as complete and professional as possible. (To make an appointment with the Writing Center, click here.)

6 - Complete OSU online application (*Your OSU student account will be charged $50 non-refundable fee upon completing the OSU online application) and e-mail all of the OSU MAMTA application materials (.pdf) to IDEA office by deadline. Once everything has been submitted, schedule an interview with the MAMTA internship advisor within 1-2 weeks after the deadline (541-737-3006).

7 - It may take 4-6 weeks before you find out your acceptance. In the meantime, complete the OSU Credit Agreement Form (included in the MAMTA application PDF) and discuss what assignments/projects you need to do with your supervising professor.

8 - While you are abroad, stay in touch with your IDEA advisor, as well as the supervising professor who will be working with you on your internship credits.

9 - Upon returning to OSU, turn in your final report to receive your internship credits. If you arranged to earn departmental credits, it is your responsibility to complete and turn in all assignments to your professor in order to receive those credits. You will receive an "I" grade for all internship credits until you turn in everything.