MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child internship, India

MAMTA and OSU have been in partnership since 2008. The Hindi word "MAMTA" literally means "a mother's affection for her child", and the name reflects the spirit or essence of the organization. MAMTA offers ten-week internships that are suitable for students in the following majors: Anthropology, Sociology, Human Development and Family Sciences, Public Health, Public Policy, Management, Development Studies, or any students in the pre-health fields.

This internship program is coordinated and administered by the office of International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA), and all students must be registered for credit at OSU. MAMTA is a 10-week longer, full-time internship, roughly corresponding to the OSU's quarter schedule.

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Summer term internships  -     March 15
Fall term internships         -     April 15
Winter term internships     -     October 15
Spring term internships     -     November 15

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