IE3 Campus Advisors & Regional Directors

You will work closely with the IE3 Campus Advisors and Regional Director before, during, and after the internship. OSU IE3 Campus Advisors will guide you through the application process and advises on financial aid and registration matters. You will not register yourself for the IE3 internship credits in order to avoid any unnecessary campus fees. Instead, you will submit the OSU Credit Agreement Form to your IE3 Campus Advisor, and s/he will register you directly through the Registrar's Office.

The Regional Directors work directly with the overseas IE3 partners, and they develop new internship sites to meet students' needs and various interests. Regional Directors work with interns from all OUS institutions, and they can provide you with more detailed information on each internship site. They coordinate the IE3 orientations each term, and also provide on-going support throughout your internship period.