OSU Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Academic Planning Form

All study abroad students are required to submit the Academic Planning Form prior to departure. This form assists the student and the College of Engineering in understanding how the credits will be applied to the student's OSU degree upon completion of study abroad.

i.    Determine which classes are still needed in order to graduate from OSU (Engineering and Baccalaureate Core).

ii.    Complete a course search for similar classes offered at DTU.  DTU’s course catalog, although updated yearly, can be accessed here.  Be sure to find MORE classes than you can actually take while abroad – classes can be cancelled, language of instruction can change, etc., so plan to accommodate for this.  Also, pay attention to the term and timeslot when the course is offered, and look for classes instructed in English.  If your schedule is flexible, you might also consider taking classes which are NOT offered at OSU.  Take advantage of the many great extra classes which are only taught at DTU.

iii.    Print out and organize all relevant course descriptions, for ease of presentation.

iv.    Work with your advisor (personal advisor or department advisor) to obtain approvals for course equivalencies (i.e. have them sign the academic planning form to approve course transfer).  Be prepared when meeting with your advisor – know what you need to ask of them, and what you need to accomplish.  Furthermore, grading method should also be distinguished (i.e. S/U, or letter grade).  Courses which will not be taken for direct OSU credit (i.e. extra classes) may be graded on an S/U basis, if so desired.  ***Individual courses, and grading methods MUST be approved BEFORE departure, if credit for the course is expected upon return.***  This course approval process may take several reiterations – be patient! 

v.    Credit equivalency:  As DTU states a full course load to be 60 credits per year (30 credits per semester), and as Oregon State engineering students should typically enroll in approximately 48 credits per year (16 credits per term) in order to graduate within 4 years, 5 DTU credits are equivalent to 4 OSU credits. 

vi.    Grade equivalency:  Refer to the following chart to determine the conversion of DTU grades to OSU grades.
DTU Grade    OSU Grade
12                  A
10                  A-
7                    B
4                    C+
2                    C
0 & below      F

vii.    Note that while planning which courses to take while abroad, it is often helpful to figure out which classes you will take upon your return.  (Advanced planning is critical if you don’t plan on staying a few extra terms/years!)

viii.    Save all coursework and syllabi while you are abroad, just in case any issues arise upon your return.