Scholars Visit the OSU Asian and Pacific Islander Culture Center (APCC)

Scholar Visit to Asian and Pacific Islander Culture Center (APCC)

International scholars and program leaders visited the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) at Oregon State University. The APCC is managed by the office of Diversity Development, a unit of Intercultural Student Services, and was established to provide a fun, safe and welcoming facility for the retention of students and staff. The APCC provides academic, cultural, recreational, and social programs/activities related, but not limited to the Asian/Pacific Island cultures and heritages.

Scholars learned about the center’s mission to educate students and members of the community about various cultures and to provide leadership development through events, activities, and other resources. The group browsed the center’s informational resources, computer lab, library, meeting and meditation rooms.

Linlin Gao, an OSU research scholar, reflected on her visit to the center. “The APCC is a really good place which I didn't know about before. I think that Oregon State University is very nice for organizing these kinds of activities and for providing places and opportunities for international students and scholars to have better experiences in the United States. I'd love to do something with the APCC, for example, to be a volunteer for some activities.”

Over 180 Exchange Visitors visited Oregon State University from Asia in 2012 to 2013 and the number is steadily increasing. Exchange Visitors have the opportunity to team up with the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center to provide opportunities for members of campus and the local community to learn about different cultures in America and around the world without leaving Corvallis city limits. Future programming with the APCC may include cooking demonstrations, crafts nights, dance workshops, forums, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebrations, movie nights and much more.

Learn more about the Oregon State University Asian and Pacific Cultural Center at: http://oregonstate.edu/apcc/