Scholarship Giving Opportunities

Students are our highest priority—their success is our success. The following scholarship opportunities are a means to optimize student engagement in international programs.

Students interested in applying for scholarships are invited to read our scholarship guides for international students, OSU students going abroad and International Degree students.

International Programs General Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2009 to provide scholarship support for OSU students participating in an approved international program or international students at OSU demonstrating financial need. 

Ali and Shahina Piyarali International Program Scholarship

Established in 2007 by Ali and Shahina Piyarali, this scholarship supports students involved in international programs at OSU. 


David Nicodemus Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1999 in honor of David B. Nicodemus, this scholarship enables OSU students to study, research or intern abroad. Dr. Nicodemus, a longtime physics professor and administrator at OSU, served as Dean of the College of Science and then as Dean of Faculty from 1966 until his retirement in 1986. The son of missionary parents, he was born in Kobe, Japan, and lived in Sendai until he came to the United States in the early 1930s for college.


Dianne Walta Hart Scholarship

Established in 2001 by Dianne Walta Hart, this scholarship enables OSU students of Latin American descent to study, research or intern abroad in a Latin American country not of the students' origin. Dr. Hart is Emeritus Senior Instructor of Spanish and served as Latin America director for the IE3 Global Internships program.


Gertrude Strickland Memorial Scholarship for International Students

Established in 1965 through the generosity of Gertrude Strickland, this scholarship provides support for outstanding international students at OSU. Ms. Strickland was professor and head of the Department of Clothing Textiles and Related Arts (now Design and Human Environment) until she retired in 1953. Her goal was to help international students cover expenses while attending OSU.


IE3 Global Internships Scholarship

Established in 2000, this scholarship supports students from any campus in the Oregon University System who pursue an internship abroad through the IE3 Global Internships program.


International Education Japan Scholarship

Established in 1987 by Frederick P. Harris, former director of the Oregon Japan Study Center at Waseda University, this scholarship supports students in the Oregon University System who participate in the OUS-Waseda University exchange program in Tokyo.


Jack Van de Water Scholarship

Established in 2003 by John "Jack" Van de Water's children in honor of his tenure as Dean of International Programs at OSU, this scholarship provides support for international students at OSU, and OSU students participating in study abroad and exchange programs.


Mary Alice Wartman Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1998 in memory of Mary Alice Wartman, this scholarship supports students pursuing the International Degree at OSU. Mary Alice was a teacher in Arizona and an OSU parent who frequently visited Corvallis. Later in life she enjoyed traveling to Europe with her husband, Charles Wartman. Her family and friends endowed this scholarship in recognition of the investment and support Mary Alice provided them over her lifetime.


Oregon University System International Programs Scholarship

Established in 1993, this scholarship supports students in the Oregon University System who study in the OUS exchange programs in France or Germany.


Ray A. Verzasconi Scholarship for International Degree Students

Established in 1999 through the generosity of Dr. Ray Verzasconi, his family and friends, this scholarship reflects his commitment to international education by providing financial assistance to OSU students pursuing the International Degree. Dr. Verzasconi, OSU Professor Emeritus of Spanish, served on the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty from 1967 to 1996, and as department chair from 1989 to 1995.


Serman R. and Carrie P. Cook Scholarship

Established in 1976 by Carrie Pimm Cook, this scholarship helps international undergraduates demonstrating significant financial need to continue to pursue their OSU degree, especially those students who intend to return to their native country and work for the betterment of its people.


Toivo Henry Niemi Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1987 through the generosity of Toivo Henry Niemi, this scholarship provides support for OSU international students demonstrating financial need, with preference given to those who have lived or studied in Scandinavia.