Music, Media and Success: A Costa Rican Perspective.

TitleMusic, Media and Success: A Costa Rican Perspective.
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBlak, Ashley L.
Academic DepartmentNew Media Communications
Thesis AdvisorLoges, William E.
DegreeBachelor of Arts in International Studies in New Media Communications
Number of Pages54
Date Published06/2006
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
KeywordsCosta Rica, music career, Musicians, produced

Musical careers are based on the love of music as an art and the recognition of it as a commodity. The relative success of the resulting product and its maker can be gauged by particular standards such as disc sales, radio play, media attention and audience reception. These criteria often differ across countries and cultures, as demonstrated in this interview-based case study of Costa Rican musicians. In this thesis I will explore what it means to be considered a successful musician in Costa Rica, particularly as compared to the conventional model set by the commercial music industry in the United States. While most American musicians sign with major record labels, many Costa Rican musicians produce independently. Furthermore, Costa Rican music rarely receives commercial radio airtime as music from abroad currently dominates the airwaves Costa Rican musicians are not recognized as successful by the criteria of disc sales or radio play as in the U.S., but rather by means of public contact, local media coverage, and audience reception.