Step 6: Preparing for Departure

Program Extension

Some exchange students may be eligible to extend their stay in the U.S. If you would like to extend your program please fill out a Program Extension (Exchange Student) Form, meet with your OSU or OUS exchange coordinator to determine your eligibility, and bring your financial documents and completed J‐1 Exchange Student Program Extension form to ISAS, 1600 SW Western Blvd, Suite 130

Please find the Program Extension (Exchange Student) Form on our Forms and Documents page.

Contacts:   OSU Exchange Program Coordinators

                   OUS Exchange Program Coordinators


Academic Training

Some exchange students may be eligible to participate in Academic Training during or after their studies at OSU. Academic training allows students on J-1 Exchange Visitor visas to engage in up to 18 months of training (36 months for doctoral students) directly related to their field of study, provided that they meet the requirements.

Please find the J-1 Academic Training form on our Forms and Documents page. The form lists requirements for eligibility and application instructions.


Undergraduates:  Academic Advisors by College

Graduates: If you need help connecting with your academic advisor, please contact Val Fearnside  Valentina.Fearnside@oregonstate.edu

If you have questions about Academic Training, please contact an International Student Advisor isas.advisor@oregonstate.edu.


Exit Survey

Once you complete your studies at OSU we would like to receive your input and feedback on your experiences at OSU, which will give us invaluable information to better serve our current and future students. Therefore, we kindly request a few minutes of your time to complete the International Student Exit Survey.



Many exchange students are required to provide their home institutions with a transcript upon their return to their home country. If you would like your coursework from OSU to transfer to your home institution, please make sure to request your OSU transcript. It is advisable that you request your transcript prior to your departure from the U.S. It is also advisable that you request at least 2 copies of your transcript-one for your home country Exchange Coordinator and one for your own record.

Please follow this link to access instructions on how to order official transcripts online. 

Registrar’s Office at OSU can mail your transcript only via First Class U.S. mail (even if you request a $30.00 rush service). Mail sent to an overseas location via First Class U.S. mail can take several weeks to reach its destination and you will not be provided with a tracking number.

To ensure that you and your home country Exchange Coordinator obtain your transcripts in a timely manner you can:

  1. Notify the Registrar’s Office that you will pick up your transcripts in person (you will need to pick this option from a drop down menu when you submit your online transcript request form).
  2. Create an account at the FedEx homepage and request a shipment through FedEx.

Follow this link to see the list of countries that FedEx serves.

Fill out a Transcript Request Form. At the top of the page please make a clear note that you are requesting your transcript mailed via FedEx and provide your FedEx account number.

Drop off, fax or scan and e-mail your form to the Registrar’s Office (see contact information on the form).

Note: * In case you are mailing your transcript via FedEx, you have to submit a paper Transcript Request Form with a note that includes your FedEx account number. You will not be able to make a note on the electronic transcript request form.