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During program breaks or vacation it will be a great opportunity to travel and see Oregon and the United States. Below are some travel safety tips and links to help you choose your destination and plan your travel.

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Travel Safety Tips

  • Highway Safety: American Red Cross highway safety tips for driving on the highway in the United States.
  • National Council for Crime Prevention: A non-profit group, the National Council for Crime Prevention has a web site full of current information on avoiding crime. The pages are available in English and Spanish and provide a wealth of personal safety information.
  • Make My Trip: Packing smart, handling money, transport, phones, American slang, and personal safety tips around traveling.
  • USATourist: USATourist.com has safety tips on driving and traveling in the United States.

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Financial Information

Keep copies of credit cards and numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards. Let your banks and credit card companies know when you will travel. Some countries use credit cards with chip-embedded technology, check with your bank.

Telephone and Communication Abroad

There are some general steps you should follow when taking your phone out of the U.S. Understand the service and data package available with your mobile devices abroad.



Leave copies of important documents at home. Inform your Department Head of your itinerary and emergency contact information.

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