Getting to Corvallis and Oregon State University

If you are traveling to the U.S. for the first time as a student, you should plan to arrive in the U.S. no earlier than 30 days before the start date as indicated on line 5 of your I-20 or box 3 of your DS-2019. It is also best to arrive in the city of Corvallis no later than one day before the start date as you may need a day or two to get situated prior to attending the mandatory International Student Orientation. Information regarding orientation is generally mailed to all newly admitted students 2-3 months prior to one's first term at Oregon State University.

As a smaller city, Corvallis relies on Portland and Eugene for the nearest major airports. From either city, you can then arrange transportation to Corvallis. The most frequently used option is to arrive in Portland and take a shuttle bus run by Hut Airport Shuttle to Corvallis. You may check the current schedule and fees online. If your flight arrives in Eugene, you may take the Omni Shuttle from the Eugene airport to Corvallis. You may check the current schedule and fees online.

Airports: The Portland Airport (PDX) and Eugene Airport (EUG) are the nearest international airports. The Portland Airport is a large international airport with many international flights and is approximately 1.5 hours from Corvallis. The Eugene Airport is a small airport with only a few domestic flights available and is approximately 1 hour from Corvallis. From either airport, you can arrange transportation to Corvallis. There is also an airport in Salem, the Salem Municipal Airport (SLE), though this currently only has flights within the US.

Transportation to Corvallis from the Airport: There are several options available for transportation from either the Portland or Eugene Airport to Corvallis. The most convenient and efficient transportation to Corvallis is shuttle service. The Shuttle Service will pick you up at the Airport at a pre-arranged time and will drive you directly to Corvallis. The second most convenient transportation to Corvallis is car rental. You will be able to pick up the car at the airport, but will have to arrange to return the car to a rental agency near Corvallis. Traveling by bus or train will require a significant amount of time, patience, and research. In both Portland and Eugene the bus and train stations are not located near the airports, and do not have direct local bus service to the bus nor train stations.

Car Rental: Most rental companies allow visitors to rent a car at the Portland or Eugene Airport and return the car to their office in Corvallis. You can make a reservation using a credit card. A valid driver’s license (see the “car” section on page 3 for more information about driver’s licenses) and credit card are required to rent a car. You will also be required to purchase temporary auto insurance. The insurance can be purchased at the car rental agency. Cost per day can range from $25 to $50 depending on the company and the type of car. For information about car rental companies at the Portland Airport check the Portland Airport Web site. For information about car rental companies at the Eugene Airport check the Eugene Airport Web site scroll down and click on “Airport” then click on “Trans and Parking”.

Bus: For information about bus service from Portland to Corvallis or from Eugene to Corvallis, check the Greyhound Web site. To travel from Portland Airport to the Portland bus station (Union Station) you can take the light rail system (MAX) or the public bus system (TriMet). There is no bus service from the Eugene Airport to the Eugene bus station. You will have to take a shuttle or taxi from the Eugene Airport to the Eugene bus station.