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How ICSP Works

Weekly ICSP obligations
Every ICSP student has their own folder in the ICSP office. Requests and ICSP announcements will be placed in your folder. You are required to check your folder at least 3 times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the suggested days. Dawn and her Assistant also have a folder in the same place, so that you can place materials such as the Self-evaluation form in their folders (See the "After Presentation" section for more on this form).

Introduction to ICSP
Before you get your first request, you will observe an experienced ISCP student at least 2 times. Listening and evaluating the student's talk will give you a chance to see what is expected of you when you get your first request. Speak to your "buddy" and ask him/her if you can go along to a presentation within the first few weeks of the term. Bring along an observation form, fill it out and return it to the ICSP office. You need to do this at least twice.

When you receive a request
When you get a presentation request in your folder, first check it against the desk calander in the ICSP office. The Program Assistant writes all requests on the calendar, so find your request and put your initials next to it to confirm you received the request. Then, within 3 days call the person who made the request and discuss what you will be presenting, pick-up location and time and anything else you think is important. If the presentation is scheduled for several weeks ahead, it is a good idea to call the person who requested you a few days before the presentation for a second time to remind him/her about your presentation.

Presentation Protocols
Your ICSP "new student handbook" provides you with some basic ideas for presentation organization.  Your request form should have specific details as well about what topics you are to address, and the age of your audience. If you have questions or need more details, contact the requester directly and ask questions about what they expect, and how interactive they would like you to be.  As a general rule, school groups will want you to do activities that require children to engage with you or move around, and in addition talk generally about your country. Any visual elements you can add are usually well received, but keep in mind that Power Point or formal presentations are not appropriate for many school groups. They want to see you and engage with you, not listen to a 30 minute presentation. Equipment for Power Point is not available at many schools, as computers are costly and not always well equipped.

Transportation to off-campus presentations is provided by your requester.  The regular pick-up location is in the parking area of Callahan Hall, at 15th & Jefferson. Unless otherwise discussed,  you will be picked up there.  When you arrive at your presentation, give the person in charge a student evaluation form (these are also available in the ICSP office) so that they can evaluate your presentation. Ask the person to return the completed form to the ICSP office by mail or fax.

After presentation
After your presentation, you need to fill out a self-evaluation form (available in the ICSP office) in order to review how your presentation went. It is good to do this as soon after your talk as possible, while your presentation details are still fresh in your mind. Place the completed form in the Program Assistant's folder in the ICSP office when you are done.

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