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Guanacaste, COSTA RICA
no map in database Ruander Cardenas
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Junior
Education: Umpqua Community College 2003-2005
Experience: YMCS International Club Hispanic Fiesta (Roseburg)
Awards: Umpqua Community College Outstanding Student in: Physical Science, Engineer- ing, Advanced Calculus 2003-05; Umpqua CC President’s Honor Roll, 2003-05; Umpqua CC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award; OSU Provost Scholarship
Languages: Spanish
Age: 35

Ruander shares the historical background and political issues of his country of Costa Rica, and contrasts its small geographic size with the extensive cultural impact it offers. His home town is a colonial period town, and he trans- ports his audience back in time to illustrate the development of the rich traditions forged during the conquest and colonial periods. Ruander discusses population growth and social issues, as well as the changing roles of women. He also describes the importance of religion on family life and society, the impact of science and tourism on the rapidly changing economy, and gives a firsthand perspective on places to visit, things to do and travel advice for potential tourists. His enthusiastic talks come to life with audio visual and printed materials, currency, traditional music, ceramic artifacts, wooden objects, and national flags. He enjoys cooking traditional foods to share, and can teach games, sing, and tell children’s stories. (Slides, Power Point, DVDs)

Materials: PowerPoint, slides, DVDs
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