Health Issues in Klamath County

By: Patrick Fuller




During our visit to Chiloquin and Klamath Falls, some of the issues presented were; Tribal issues, environmental issues, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, youth in small towns. Some of the tribal issues were; the depletion of their rights and land which were somewhat restored. The number of sucker fish has been depleted since the dam was built which has effected the traditions and rituals.  There is a high rate of teenage pregnancies throughout the whole community. This could be because there are not many facilities such as Planned Parenthood which could educate both males and females about safe sex or the importance of abstinence. Recreation and sports are everywhere in Klamath County. Camping, fishing and hiking await every visitor. Lakes and streams are fished for trout, steelhead and Kokanee. There are many hiking trails in the area, and for the adventuresome, even mountain climbing. Climbers will enjoy spectacular views from Pelican Butte and Mt. McLaughlin. 33 is a popular sport, and there are many ski and snowmobile trails in the north county area, as well as Nordic slopes, lifts and facilities at the Willamette Pass Ski Area. Klamath County is proud to claim Crater Lake National Park, Oregon's only National Park. The lodge was recently fully restored and opens for visitors and guests. While visiting the park, you can take the Rim Drive and experience the spectacular scenery at each viewpoint. There are narrated hiking tours and evening programs about the natural history of the park.



Klamath, OR Health Center


Crater Lake


Teen Pregnancy


      Drug and Alcohol Abuse



Our Class in front of the News Building


Mike Jones, Patrick Fuller, and Zach Harris in the Museum Jail in Klamath


Native Americans are three times more likely to have diabetes, eye problems, kidney failure, and heart disease.  Their life expectancy for both male and female is 45-50 years of age.  Physical activities are low perhaps due to the lack of recreational facilities in the area, meaning no place to exercise in order to keep their bodies in shape.  Not exercising can cause obesity, which is very common amongst the Native American tribes.  Obesity can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes.  There is a high rate of heart problems too, such as blocked arteries which can lead to a stroke.  There is a high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse among tribe members.  This could possibly be related to a complex historical background and the inequalities that they had to endure.  Tribe members had no access to medical care, and it was difficult due to levels of poverty and demographics.  As I think about it I wonder how each individual gets their medicine, as there is no drug store in Chiloquin.  I will be showing you quotes about different problems such as their history and health problems such as diabetes and alcohol and drug use.


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