Learning Through Listening: Native American Issues in Rural Oregon Communities

Spring Break 2007 Ethnic Studies/Sociology Field Course


Instructors: Mitch Wilkinson, Clarissa Bertha, Lauren Plaza & Dwaine Plaza

March 25 to March 30, 2007

From March 25-30th 2007, twenty students took a non-traditional action research approach to understanding about sustainable rural development in America. Students lived in Chiloquin and Klamath Falls Oregon for five days and interacted with the Klamath native population, the related community stakeholders and investigated the issues that both bind and separate them. By carefully listening to and interacting with different rural community stakeholders including:  tribal leaders, cattle ranchers, government officials, human health and service providers, bankers, education professionals, agriculture extension services, law enforcement, land developers and Latino migrant workers, the students developed a better understanding of the complex cross-cultural issues that exist in rural Oregon communities today.  

Course Syllabus:   http://osu.orst.edu/instruct/soc204/plazad/native4/syllabus.htm

Kurth Glick and the students at the South Valley Bank and Trust, Klamath Falls.

Neil Eberlein with the students outside of OSU Extension Office Klamath Falls.

Jessica and Ashley listening to Steve Miller at the Herald News Paper Klamath Falls.

Theresa Foreman Recorder Floyd Hescock Mayor Pro Tem at Chiloquin City Hall.

Gerald Skelton Klamath tribe director of culture and heritage discusses the tribe sweat lodge.

Students at the Chiloqin fish ladder-- David, Jason, John, Patrick, Christian & Gail

Alan Foreman Tribal Chair met with students in the Tribal Administrative Chamber.

Peter Bourdet Cattle Rancher Water Shed Council Klamath Falls met with the students

Linda Long-Bourdet Farmer Cattle Rancher met with the students.

Sherry Beean receives her participation certificate from Jason and Christian.

Mark, Ashlee, Jake and Christian working together on the final presentation in Klamath Falls.

Pernnell, Francisco, Jesse, Jason and Brandon all working on the final presentation.

John and Mike working on the power point for the final presentation.

Syndey and Jessica working together on the final presentation

The students with Yolanda Pena, Dora Hoffmeister and Dalyse Clark- Latino panalist

Jason, Jake and Christian working on the final presentation.

Sammy, Jake and Javier share lunch time conversation with Klamath Falls stakeholders.

Officer Clinton Wells met with students at the Extension Services office Klamath Falls.

Javier and Francisco recording data from headstones at the Klamath pioneer cemetary.

Students listening intensely about Klamath Falls history from Todd Kepple.

Mitch introduced Gordon Bettles Klamath Falls Tribal member and cultural historian

Students after meeting with Steve Miller at the Herald News office in Klamath Falls.

Spanky, Lauren and Dwaine at Crater Lake on the final day of the class.




Student Web Pages

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Brandon Stewart

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Mark Wilkinson

Sydney Micek

Jason Hatch

Gail Woodside

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