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This page provides you with some information about libraries and some of the philosophy research materials available in those libraries. There are links to library pages, and a telnet connection to the OASIS, the main OSU library on-line catalogue.


The Philosophy Department in Hovland Hall has some resources which may help you. Most important there is The Philosopher's Index in both hardcopy and CD-ROM. There are also copies of the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Encyclopedia of Religion and some runs of some Philosophy Journals.

Most of these materials can be found in the Department Library in Room 203. To use the CD-ROM Philosopher's Index (as well as the CD-ROM Oxford English Dictionary) you need to ask one of the Department secretaries to help you.


The most important library on campus for doing research in Philosophy is the Valley Library. The Valley Library has a reasonably extensive collection of Philosophy books and journals as well as materials in other fields such as religion, history, and political science which might be relevant to your research. The Valley Library also has a range of electronic resources, both online and on CD-ROM, which may be of use to you.


The Valley Library catalog OASIS, is a listing of books and journals which the library owns. It may be searched by author, title or subject. In addition to giving you the call number for a book or journal, OASIS will also indicate if the item you need is checked out, and if so, when it is due. OASIS can be searched remotlely throught the campus network. The card catalog for the library was closed in 1987 and nothing added to it since then. Most of what is availabe in the card catalog is also available on OASIS - at least in Philosophy.

Although OASIS includes names of journals, it does not include individual journal articles. To identify these, you should consult an index to journals.


The Valley Library has several indexes to journals which might pertain to your research topics. The major ones relating to Philosophy are the following:

Humanities Index 1984 to the present on CD-ROM. This index may be searched in the CD Center in Kerr Library or remotely via the campus network. Contact the Library Information Desk for remote access instructions. Humanities Index is a basic index to major journals in all areas of the humanities, including religion, philosophy, history, etc.

Philosopher's Index. (RefB1.P44) The Valley Library has this major index to the field of philosophy in print form in the 2nd floor reference area. Philosopher's Index and companion volumes cover material published from 1940 to the present. The Philosopher's Index is now available on line to OSU students and faculty. To access the Index, go to the OSU library page and then follow the links to the databases, find the P page and scroll down until you find the link to the Philosopher's Index -- or use the following link to get to that point: Access to SilverPlatter (WebSPIRS) Databases From here you can get to the Index by clicking on two links.


The Valley Library has several encyclopedias and dictionaries in the field of philosophy. Among thses are:

If you would like to consult with the Philosophy librarian, you many contact Loretta Riley, the Valley Library, 737-2642,


Suppose that you do not find the materials you are looking for either in the Philosophy Department Library or in the Valley Library. One step which you might take is to see if the University of Oregon has the book or journal you are looking for. You cam make the on line connection to JANUS which is the on line catalogue at the U. of O. Happily, we now have electronic connections to libraries all over the state. You can go to this list of Other Libraries maintained on the Valley Library web site. You may want to look particularly at other Oregon State Institution of Higher Education institutions like the University of Oregon and Portland State, because you can use your library card to borrow books from these libraries.

What happens if you cannot find the book you want either here or at the University of Oregon or elsewhere in Oregon? You might then want to consult with a Reference Librarian to discover where the book or article you are looking for can be found. Once you have this information you can go to the Interlibrary Loan Desk at Kerr Library and have them order the book or aricle for you.

Thinking this through, you may realize that there is good reason to get working on research papers early in the quarter. Not only does such a project require that you acquire a good understanding of the general area you are writing about, formulate an interesting problem and give a reasoned, organized and well written response to it; but it may well take you several weeks (especially if interlibrary borrowing is involved) to get some of the materials you need or want.

From here you can go to to:

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