Table of Kinds of Barbarians

Make a table like the following one:

Type of Barbarian Page Number Distinguishing Properties Examples
Barbarians in the loose and broad sensePp. 28-30Cruel, inhumane, wild and merciless men acting against human reason out of anger or native disposition who becomes hard and merciless; is hard, unbeareable, cruel and plunges into crimes that only the wildest beasts of the forests would commit. These are reasonable men gone completly astray.The Spanish committing crimes against the Indians are the prime example of this kind of barbarian!
The second kind of barbarian are those who do not have a written languagePp. 30-32These are relative barbarians who can be wise, courageous, prudent and can lead a settled life. 
Barbarians in the third sense are ...PP. 32-...  
Barbarian...Pp. ...  

It is barbarians of the third kind which turn out to be most important. So pay careful attention to the nature of these barbarians.

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