Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu

Montesquieu Time Line

1689    January 18, born near Bordeaux to Jacques de Secondat, a 
        soldier, and Marie Francoise de Pesnel.
1696    His mother dies.

1700    Sent with two orphan cousins to the Oratorian school at 
        Tuilly, near Paris, where he received a classical 
1705    Returns to Bordeaux and studies law at the request of his
        uncle who will leave him his title and fortune.

1708    Receives his liscence and admitted councilor of the 
        parliament of Guyenne.  
1709    Moves to Paris.

1713    Returns to Bordeaux.  His father dies and he becomes the 
        head of the family.
1714    Appointed councilor of the Bordeaux Parliament.
1715    Marries Jeanne de Latrigue, a Calvinist who brought him a 
        substantial dowry.

1716    His uncle dies leaving him the title Baron de 
        Montesquieu, his fortune and his office of President 
        a Mortier.
1721    Publication of the Persian Letters.

1724    Writes Dialogue de Sylla et d'Eucrate and 
        Reflexions sur la monarchie universelle.
1725    Writes Le temple de Gnide.

1726    Sells his office and moves to Paris in order to be 
        admitted into the Academy.
1728    After a dispute by a member over his Persian 
        Letters, is elected into the Academy.  Begins his 
        travels to Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Germany and England.
1730    Elected a member of the Royal Society in London.

1731    Returns to Bordeaux and becomes a member of the Free 
1734    Publishes Considerations sur la grandeur et la 
        decadence des Romains,.
1748    Publishes The Spirit of the Laws which he had 
        worked on for the past twenty years.  It would go through 
        twenty-two editions before his death.
1750    Writes his Defense de l'Esprit des Lois et 
1754    An addition of eleven letters are made to the Persian 

1755    February 10, dies in Bordeaux.

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