Pierre Bayle (1647-1706)

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Bayle Time Line

1647    November 18, born at le Carla-le-Comte near Pamiers, the 
        son of a Calvinist minister.
1669-   Converts to Catholicism but later reverts to Calvinism.  
1674    Fleeing persecution he goes to Geneva where he is exposed 
        to Cartesianism. 
1674    Returns to France incognito and tutors in Paris and 
1675    Appointed to the chair of philosophy at the Protestant 
        university of Sedan.
1681    The university is supressed and he moves to Rotterdam 
        where he becomes professor of philosophy and history at 
        the ecole illustre.
1682    Publishes pseudonymously his Diverse thoughts on the 
        Comet of 1680.
1684    Begins publication of the journal, Nouvelles de la 
        republique des lettres, one of the first scholarly 
        journals of modern times.
1693    Loses his chair after having been attributed the author 
        of a tract offensive to the government.  Spends the next 
        nine years working on his Dictionnaire historique et 
        critique, which had an enormous impact on late 
        seventeenth century thought.  Spends the rest of his life 
        encouraging toleration toward both Protestants and 
1702    Publishes second edition of Dictionnaire.

1706    December 28, dies in Rotterdam.

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Pensees diverses sur la comets de 1680 Nouvelles de la republique des lettres Dictionnaire historique et critique Commentaire philosophique sur le Compelle Entrare