Phl 302
Dr. Uzgalis


"...if the invention of the ship was thought so noble, which carrieth riches and commodoties from place to place, and consociath the most remote regions of the world in participation of their fruit, how much more are letters to be magnified, which as ships pass through the vast seas of time, and make ages so distant to participate of the wisdom, illuminations and inventions, the one of the other..."
 The Advancement of Learning
--Francis Bacon

This page will link you to electronic texts of some of the great philosophers of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. There used to be a search engine installed on this web site which would have allowed you to effectively search these texts for whatever treasure you might be seeking -- but the search engine is gone. The University decided for various reasons they would not support it any more, nor could they find a replacement for it. So, if you want to search these texts, you are going to have to make do with the search engine in your web browser. To do this, open the electronic text you are interested in searching. Then go to Edit on your browser's tool bar, and choose Find from the pulldown Edit menu. You can then type in a term and the browser will search for it. Unfortunately the browser does this instance by instance, rather than producing a page of hits with links. So you may have to do this repeatedly. It is not very good, but it is all we have at the moment.

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