Ports of Call  

INTRODUCTION: Activity Instructions

Where Am I?

If you are going on a voyage, it might be good to think about where you are when you start. It might also be good to introduce yourself to your campanions and fellow voyagers.

To do this you should write a brief essay of about a page in which you tell us about yourself and what brings you to study the History of Western Philosophy. Here are some questions. You don't have to answer all of them. They are simply here to help you think about how to articulate where you are.

What is your background in Philosophy? Are you a beginner at Philosophy, or do you have some experience? Are you a major or minor? If not, what is your main area of study? What interests do you bring to studying the history of philosophy? Are there philosophers who you already regard as interesting? Are there philosophers from our period who you dislike? Are you looking foreward to this exploration or dreading it? If you have fears, what are they? Hopes? Is there anything else you want to say?

You can post your message either by responding to this one or using the new thread button. In general (if you can) it is better to write your message in your own word processor and save it, then copy it and paste it into the message box here on the forums page. That way, if anything goes wrong, you have the original of your message. You can, however, simply type your message into the message box. When you have finished putting your message in the box you can either preview or post it using the buttons below the message box. When you post your message do not mark the "I want to use fixed-width font to display this message" box.