"if so great and considerable a part of the world as America is...was yet unknown to all the world besides for so many generations together; well may it be conceived, not only that some but many truths, yea and those of main concernment and importance, may yet be unknown."
--Thomas Godwin, 1642

This web site is intended for anyone interested in the stars and marvels of the history of philosophy from the 16th through the 18th century. This web site is also the Home Port for a class here at Oregon State University: Phl 302, Great Voyages: the History of Western Philosophy from 1492-1776, Winter 1997.

The website is divided into two main sections - The Era and The Course. If you are a visitor mainly interested in material about the history of philosophy, The Era will likely be of most interest to you. The Course contains materials connected with our class, though some of the reading guides, electronic texts and other materials may well be of some interest.

If you are a student planning on making the trip back to 1492, you may want to think over your personal voyage and have a talk with your friendly captain, Bill Uzgalis.

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