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Communication Activity #7


In this communication activity the task is to apply what you have gained from the reading of Richard Taylor's Essay "Polarity" to your your own and other people's belief systems.

Step 1: Read Polarity carefully and work to understand the claims given as clearly as you can. Pay particular attention to the ways in which polarity do (or don't) operate in your own thinking and in the thinking of others that you are familiar with.

Step 2: Post a message to the CA#7 Forum in which you describe how polarity is or is not a feature of your belief system and philosophical framework. be as detailed and clear as you can in this. make plain what the poles are and what problems they give rise to.

Step 3: Read at least four messages posted by other members of the class. Reply to three of these with messages in which you compare your own expercines in thinking about Taylor's essay and it's subject-matter.

Step 4: Read and respond to the messages posted as replies to yours. At this point in the course you should be able to engage in a sustained dicusssion about such matters. please do so here.

Communication Activity Forum