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What is a rhetorical precis?
A detailed definition and explanation to get you started in using this versatile writing format.

How will my biographical precis be evaluated?
Here are some guidelines to the grading of your effort.

Can I see an example of a rhetorical precis?
How do I submit my assignments?







Rhetorical Precis Submission Form

This is the form that you use to submit your finished work for the rhetorical precis assignments. This is a five (5) part process. To accomplish this, you must:

1. compose your rhetorical precis in your word processor (e.g. Word Perfect. Word, etc.).
Please make sure that you give it a title and include your name.
3. Select the text in your word processor (ctrl-a is a Windows key command for select all").
4. Then Copy (try Edit -> Copy) the text from the word processor and Paste (try Edit -> Paste)
it into field #4 below.
5. Make sure that you save copies of all of your work!

1. Your name:
2. Your Email Address:
3a. Is this a first submission?
If this is your first submission of the assignment. select from the title from this menu.

3b. Is this a rewrite?
If you are submitting a rewrite, select the appropriate title from the adjacent menu.

4. Copy & Paste the text of your rhetorical precis from your word processor to the field below.







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