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The Law of Information Importance

No doubt, when you want to communicate information to your instructor, it is important to you. Oddly, some students do not treat their information as important. For example, one student of an online course who had missed three weeks of the course attempted to contact the instructor by leaving a phone call on the instructors voicemail. Unfortunately, that phone number was to an office the instructor no longer used. By using a low frequency and a low variety of communication, that student did not treat their own information as important. Consequently, they did not receive a satisfactory response.

  • FREQUENCY: the number of times the information is sent.

  • VARIETY: the number of ways the information is sent.

SUMMARY: When you have important information to communicate, be a pest!

(nota bene: a pest is not the same as a jerk)
Your efforts will be appreciated, as will your patience, tolerance, and honesty.
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