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My Reasons

DUE (Due Monday 8.28)

Your task in Composition #3 is to represent a significant aspect of your philosophical belief with clarity and reasoning. You might think of this as a re-write of Composition #1 with inclusion of what you have learned from your Research Project and the various texts you have read.

What is due:

You must make two (2) submissions of this composition to recieve credit. One is your philosophy instructor for comments and grading. The other submission is to the Oregon State University Online Writing Lab (OWL). From this submission your will get comments on the formal and compositional features of your work. The OWL version will be recieved and commented on by an OSU Writing Center Assistant. This is similar to using the on campus writing center for feedback. Please note that you are encouraged to use the OWL prior to submitting the composition to your philosophy instructor.

The Criteria:

Write a 3-5 page (750 - 1,250 word) essay in which you:

1. Present and explain one or more claims central to your philosophical belief-system;

2. Define the key terms from those claims;

3. Provide textual connections and support for your topic from the relevant philosophic literature;

4. Provide strong reasoned support for your claims in the form of well explained analyzed arguments.

You may draw on any sources from this term that assist you in this task. Indeed, if you should be careful not to omit sources that are clearly relevant (i.e. texts with points that bear directly on your topic).

The Process:

1. Complete your composition according to the above criteria

2. Submit your composition to your philosophy instructor using the Composition Submission Form and the copy & Paste method (if that does not work for you, then use email - but please make sure that I am aware of that and get acknowledgement of receipt). (Due Monday 8.28)

3. Submit your composition to the Online Writing Lab (OWL) using the form linked below. Note that you are encouraged to use the OWL earlier in this process to get comments that may help you. In that case, you may use a draft of your work to get comments on the composition and mechanics of your writing. This can be extreemely valuable in rewriting, which always makes for better compositions. Whether or not you use the OWL comments for revising, you must send a copy of your composition to OWL (Due Monday 8.28).

The Links:

Copy & Paste Composition Submission Method

Composition Submission Form

OWL Submission Form

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