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Composition 2

Due (Due Monday 3.19)

Your task in this composition is to identify and analyze a key concept in a classic text through a well-composed written essay of 500-1,000 words. The key concept has been identified for you (see the appropriate framework below).

Sucessful compositions must do the following:

1. Explain the role that the concept (see the specific framework directions below) has in the classic text.

2. Give an analysis of the concept as you think it is being used in the classic text. Your analysis will follow the form and method described in "The Power of Analysis."

3. Evaluate the strength of your analysis by applying the three tests (irreplaceability, completeness, clarity).

4. Think about how that concept operates in your own philosophical belief system. Explain the role that concept has in your philosophical belief system (as related to the philosophical framework you chose). What are the similarities or differences between that concept as a part of your belief system and as a part of the classic text?


Be sure to read Defining Concepts in the Writing Philosophy: A Student Guide

Select your philosophical framework below to get specific directions:


Composition Submission Form

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