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This is a very important page. The Internet and WorldWideWeb are all about communication. It is communication that sets CalculusQuest TM apart from ordinary calculus classes. We want to talk to you and we want you to talk to each other. Knowledge is just no good at all if it isn't shared.

We have prepared quite a few different means of communication for CalculusQuest TM. Each has its purpose but they are all devoted to keeping you in touch with each other and with your instructors.

Send email to a tutor DISABLED You should send your math questions here.
Like, what's the cosine of pi/6?
24-hour response time during weekdays GUARANTEED!
Send email to the entire class <> This sends email to over 50 students (including yourself). It's a great way to share insights and questons with the class. Its a bad way to send messages to individuals.
Sign-InDo it now Just to let us know how you are getting along.
A good chance to let us know how you are doing.
Sign-Out Do it now Pretty much the same as signing in.
Send email to instructor <>This is send email to Professor Reddy.

HyperNews pages are like electronic bulletin boards. We can put up HyperNews pages for you to discuss whatever you want. We have built two of these pages for starters.

DISABLED UNTIL SUMMERIf you find something on the CQ web site that doesn't work. Announce it here. Check to make sure that no one has beaten you to it first! You can file your bloopers under the appropriate Stage. Make sure to provide enough description so that we can figure out where the problem is to be found
Get AcquaintedIf you'd like to introduce yourself to the class, you will be able to go here and post a brief introduction. This might be a good place to look for study partners. [Please, use common sense about meeting new people---it's safer to meet someone you don't know in a well-lit public place.]

Use this link to send complaints, suggestions, and good words to the team leaders of the CalculusQuestTM, InterQuest TM, and QuestWriterTM teams. WE READ OUR EMAIL!
Mail to the CalculusQuestTM Team

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