Navigating in CaculusQuest

CalculusQuest consists of hundreds of individual web pages layed out in a tree. <-- [Click to see the CQ tree] Navigating this tree involves pushing a lot of buttons, opening a lot of windows, and clicking on lots of links.

This section of Stage 1 offers general navigational guidelines and a chance to learn by doing. For detailed help, refer to the on-line documentation for your browser, often available on-line.

Basic Browsing (Going Back)

Progress through CalculusQuestTM is based on performative objectives and criteria. You will show you know by showing you can do, i.e., by walking the talk.

An example of a performative objective is "Can follow links". A criterion is "Got here by following links". You demonstrated this performative objective on the basis of this criterion!

Lists of performative objectives and criteria are accessible from the Resource page.

The basics of browsing are covered in the GUIDE. Since you have successfully arrived at this page, you have shown that you know how to load a page and follow a link!

To keep going you also need to know how to go back to the last page loaded.

Check one of the following and then hit the "Go For It" button.

Show me how to GO BACK using Netscape.
Give me a Netscape tip.
Tell me what to do if this stuff is boooooring.
Load the next page.



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