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Here are a couple of tips on things students often have problems with writing their papers.

  1. To be born:

  2. Year: In German you may not write "in 1997". There are two options for writing the year:

  3. Months:

  4. Cities and countries + in:

  5. Punctuation. Here are some areas where it differs from English:

  6. Tense. If you are fuzzy on simple past, look it up in your grammar books; also be sure to check your strong verb charts. Remember that if a verb isn't on the strong verb chart, it is a weak verb!

    Why the simple past? The simple past is the past tense used for formal writing. The present perfect is the past tense used for conversation. You are writing formally here, ergo simple past!


  1. ss: Use ss rather than ß because under the new spelling rules, you may do this.

  2. Titles of works in text. Please put these in italics rather than underlining them or putting them in quotations marks. Also include the date(s) of any of your author's works when you refer to them in your text!