ED416/516 — Foundational Perspectives in Education

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Welcome to ED 416/516, Foundational Perspectives in Education! This is a two-credit course offered for the first time on the Internet. The authors and instructor are learning, just like you. We look forward to having your reactions to the material and the course, as well as helping you learn this important foundational material about education. Please scan over the entire course, starting with the syllabus, and checking out the tasks so you can be planful. It is not expected that you will read every link provided in the resources, but these are available for you to dig deeper. You may also find that some links that should have been included are absent. Please help us if you find any "goodies!"

There are two modules in the course. The first focuses on historical and philosophical foundations; the second on social, political, and economic foundations. Each module has four tasks and a capstone task. Undergraduates are expected to complete three of the four tasks and the capstone for each module. Graduate students are expected to complete all of the tasks and the capstone for each module.

Although you can work at your own computer when you are able, the university course schedule still must be followed. Be sure to get assignments in on time (see syllabus).

If you have done very little with computers and do not know how to use the Internet very well, you can get some pointers here.

Sometimes in a Web course, links become extinct or don't work for some other reason. If this happens and you want or need the information, try using a web search to find what you're looking for, or try searching the OSU library.

We (Cohen and Gelbrich) wrote all the material in this course ourselves because we recognize the expense of textbooks. We would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or good links that you might find.

I would like you to send a one-paragraph introduction of yourself to satkin@southwestern.cc.or.us. I will compile these on a web page so that you can get to know the other students in the class and have a cadre of other students with whom you can dialogue.

Please send your name, email address, and what level or discipline you wish to teach. You may also add your town and tell of the experience you have had with K-12 students.

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