ED 416/516
Schedule of Assignments
Winter 2000

Instructor: Sally Atkin
322 Tioga Hall, (541) 888-7496
Southwestern Oregon Community College

A note about online learning:
Some of the most significant learning in an online course occurs when students share their work with each other and give feedback on fellow student's ideas. We have incorporated a Discussion Forum into the course to facilitate this sharing. Students who are meeting face-to-face are also invited to post their assignments on the Discussion Forum so that the distance students can also benefit from your ideas and experience.

If you have a chart or special formatting and you wish to retain the formatting, you can click on Post a new message in this thread and then on Advanced. You will see that you can then post HTML documents (just do "Save as HTML" from within Word or Word Perfect). You can also add attachments from the Advanced window.

If at any time the Discussion Forum is down, please email your assignments to satkin@southwestern.cc.or.us

Module I

Task 1: Historical Comparison Chart of Formal Education
       A. Chart
       B. Your position relative to power or change.
       Due: January 11, 2000

Task 2: Historical Project Options
       Due: January 18, 2000

Task 3: Applying Educational Philosophies
       A. Chart
       B. Comparison of charts
       C. Benchmarks
       Due: January 25, 2000

Task 4: What is My Philosophy of Education?
       A. Read Philosophy of Education.
       B. Print the chart.
       C. Self-Assessment
       D. Discuss what you learned.
       Due: February 1, 2000

Capstone Project: Writing a Philosophy Statement
       A. Read sample philosophies.
       B. Write your philosophy of education.
       C. Educational philosophy statement relative to Task 4.
       D. Historical Perspective.
       Due: February 8, 2000

Module II

Task 1: Understanding the Social, Political, & Economic Foundation of Education
       A. Aims & Goals of Education
       B. Describing Schools
       C. Effective Schools
       D. School Financing
       E. School governance
       Due: February 15, 2000

Task 2:Problems Teachers Face
       A, B, C, D, or E
       Due: February 22, 2000

Task 3: Children in America's Schools (Video)
       Discussion Write up & Action Plan
       Due: February 29, 2000

Task 4: Project Options
       A, B,C, D, E, F, G or H
       Due: March 7, 2000

Capstone Project: 3-4 page paper
       A, B, C, or D
       Due: March 14, 2000

No work will be accepted for grading after March 14.

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