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Blackboard Tutorial - Gradebook

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If a student's Internet connection was interrupted during a Bb test, or if a student forgot to click Submit when uploading an Assignment, a lock will appear on the Gradebook list for that student. An instructor can clear this lock, allowing the student to take the test or submit the assignment again. The lock can also mean In Progress, so it is best to check with the student to ensure you are not clearing a test which the student is currently taking.

  1. In the Gradebook, click the lock icon for a student in the column under the appropriate test or assignment.

    • Click View to verify the student has not completed the test. At this time you can print out a copy of the test and require the student to continue the exam at the question where they left off rather than completing the entire test. This requires that the test is handgraded.
    • Click Clear Attempt.
  2. Notify the student they can take the test again.

Uploading Grades into the Gradebook - Adding a set of ScanTron grades

  1. Click Control Panel
  2. Under Assessment Manager , click Gradebook .
    • Click Add Item to put a placeholder column in the Gradebook list.
    • Click Upload Grades or Browse and choose a .csv file.
    • Match the spreadsheet's grade column to the test column.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Verify that the grades are where you expected in the Gradebook List.

Downloading Grades - Export Gradebook Data

Instructors can open exported Online Gradebook data in a spreadsheet or database application for more flexibility than what Blackboard offered in version 5.5.

  1. Click Control Panel .
  2. Under Assessment click Download Grades .
    • Follow the instructions on the screen on how to export and save the file.
  3. Open a spreadsheet or database application, then Open , Place , or Import the exported file.

Adjusting the Weight of Assignments in the Gradebook

Since most instructors at OSU are using varying point values for assignments, the additional weighting of grades is unnecessary.

If each assignment in a course is worth the same point value, but needs an adjustment to determine a final grade, then weighting grades by Item or Category may be necessary. For example, items in a Homework category may be weighted less than items in an Exam category. A final exam may be worth 25 percent of a Student's grade while a reading quiz may be worth only 10 percent.

  1. Click Weight by Category to weight grades by the category they are assigned.
    • For example, all Assignments will have the same weight and all Quizzes will have the same weight.
    • Enter the percentage to weight each category in the boxes to the left.
  2. Click Weight by Item to weight grades by name as they are defined in the Gradebook.
    • For example, one project may be weighted differently than another project.
    • Enter the percentage to weight each item in the boxes to the left.
  3. For more details about grade weighting, see the Blackboard Manual .

Modifying Settings in the Gradebook - Spreadsheet Settings

  • Changes the view of the spreadsheet. The options for viewing are:
    • Student Name: Last Name, First Name (example: Public, John Q.)
    • Student Name: First Name, Last Name (example: John Q. Public)
    • User ID
    • Student ID
  • Select Gradebook from the Assessment section of the Course Control Panel.
  • Select Gradebook Settings then Spreadsheet Settings
  • Click Submit.

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