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COMM 321 - Introduction to Communication Theory
(and COMM 454 -- Advanced Argumentation -- scroll down the page)

This is an OSU Department of Speech Communication course offered in a video workbook "IDL" (individual distance learning) format as part of OSU Extended Campus  (formerly OSU Statewide).
If you take this as an IDL course, you will view a series of videotaped lectures and use this website.

NOTE: COMM 321 as an IDL course is designed for and available to students who cannot take COMM 321 on the Corvallis campus.  OSU-Corvallis students should take COMM 321 as a regularly scheduled classroom course.

paint0b.gif Material may be added during the term.  Please check back for updates.

You have reached the land of "Communication Theory," a place where puzzles are solved and mysteries revealed (at least about communication, hopefully).  COMM 321 is a required course in both the Communication major and Communication minor.  The minor is available through OSU Statewide.

COMM 321 (e-campus) NEWS!  NEW STUFF!  NEWS!   NEW STUFF!


*** Since its inception this course has used the 3rd, 4th (2000), and 5th (2002) edition of the text, A First Look At Communicaton Theory, by Em Griffin.  The syllabus features the 5th edition.  The videos correspond more directly to the 3rd edition.

*** In the past, students received their graded papers and exams via surface mail.  Papers and exams will now be returned via email OR surface mail.

COMM 321 (e-campus) EXAMS PLEASE NOTE!  Exams for 2004 differ from what appears on the "exams" videotape!

weather_btn.gifCOMM 321 (e-campus) PowerPoint lecture notes!
(These appear in reverse order from the video lectures--start at the bottom of this list!)

Cultural and Gender Theories

Media Effects Theories

Media Communication Theories

Organizational Communication Theories

Group Decision Making Theories

Social Influence Theories

Interpersonal Relationship Communication Theories and Concepts

Nonverbal Communication Theories

Semiotics Theories

Information Theory

Communication Rules and CMM

Some Thoughts on Theory and Research

COMM 321 e-campus General Information
COMM 321 e-campus Syllabus and Assignment Due Dates!
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                   Communication Story Paper
                   Communication Event Analysis Paper

  COMM 321 e-campus Grade Guidelines
COMM 321 e-campus Instructor Information
The Communication Theory Course at Ohio University

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COMM 454 Advanced Argumentation Course Information

Competent, constructive, respectful communication is a hallmark of a civil society.  I hope this course helps you improve your ability to communicate well in your community and in your personal and professional relationships.
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