Photographs and moving images

The Oregon Historical Society houses "over 2 million images that visually document the people, places and events of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, from the 1850’s to the present. This extensive and diverse collection depicts the growth of towns and cities, transportation, the people of the region (including ethnic groups), and its commercial, industrial and agricultural development." Information on the image collection can be found here.

Aerial photographs

The Oregon Historical Society has a collection of aerial photos of the Portland Metropolitan area.

The University of Oregon library has a collection of aerial photos and a GIS resources page.

Metro's Data Resource Center has aerial photos and much more.

Moving Images

The Oregon Historical Society has a large collection of moving images depicting different aspects of Oregon’s history and present. Some topics relevant to Oregon’s environmental history include: agriculture, harvesting, irrigation, canneries, factories, harbors, Civilian Conservation Corps, construction, fire fighters, logging, forest products, forests and forestry, lumber, sawmills, mining, dredging, gold, transportation, canals, ferries, locks, steamboats, congressmen and senators, Oregon governors, outdoor recreation, and beaches.

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