Tasaday - Gerald Berreman's Critique

Gerald Berreman alledged that the Tasaday were a hoax an article in Cultural Survival Quarterly, Volume 15, Number 1, 1991. He asks ". . . we are asked to believe"

Gerald Berreman 1991, p. 26

"In my view, . . . namely, that the Tasaday comprised a group of the local swidden farming folk recruited to act as cave-dwellers in the nearby rain forest--is by far the most likely . . ."

Gerald Berreman 1991, p. 16

"What he (John Nance) had hoped was real, he presented as real and probably believed to be real."

"Every perpetrator, every disseminator of the Tasaday myth has contributed to the tragedy of misinformation, disinformation, misuse, manipulation, mistreatment, and dehumanization of which it is a part..."

Gerald Berreman 1991, p 34

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