INR Corvallis

The Institute for Natural Resources-Corvallis (INR-Corvallis) is the headquarters of the Oregon University System's Institute for Natural Resources (INR) based at Oregon State University (OSU). INR was created by the Oregon Legislature and OSU in 2001 as an independent institute in the OSU Research Office.  

INR-Corvallis staff work closely with staff at INR-Portland to increase the utility of integrated, science-based information in the development and understanding of natural resource and environmental policy by bridging science and decision-making efforts.

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Our Programs

INR programs housed at INR-Corvallis include:

Policy Research

Bringing the capacities of the Oregon University System to Oregonians through policy research, analysis and evaluation about complex, interdisciplinary natural resource issus.

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Oregon Explorer

Empowering people to share their information with others in order to create and build shared understanding about Oregon’s natural resource and environmental issues, problems and opportunities and build community networks.

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Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

Providing research, technical assistance, and education to federal land management, environmental and research agencies, and their potential partners to address critical natural and cultural resource management and stewardship issues.

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Contact Information

Our offices are located at 210 Strand Hall on the OSU campus.

Mailing address:
Institute for Natural Resources
Oregon State University
210 Strand Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2208

phone: 541.737.9918
fax: 541.737.1887