Who We Are

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Informing natural resource decision making through integrated knowledge and information.


Created by the Oregon Legislature with the Oregon Sustainability Act of 2001, the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) is a cooperative enterprise bringing the scientific knowledge and expertise of the Oregon University System and other Oregon higher education institutions to bear on natural resource management.

Designated as the lead university to administer INR, Oregon State University (OSU) established INR as a research institute within OSU to help decision-makers identify and use relevant science in making policy choices. At INR’s foundation is the land grant mission – building bridges between theory and practice and effectively communicating knowledge to decision-makers. As such, INR seeks to:

  • provide Oregonians with ready access to current, science-based information and methods for better understanding and making informed decisions about our natural resource management challenges;
  • increase the utility of integrated, science-based information in the development and understanding of natural resource and environmental policy by bridging science and decision-making efforts;
  • focus on interdisciplinary natural resource and environmental problems and develop new collaborative relationships to solve them;
  • identify and investigate controversial natural resource issues that challenge resource management and/or governance; and,
  • identify opportunities for applied policy-related research that benefits Oregon’s natural resources and environment.

INR’s success depends upon a clear sense of our values and principles: ensuring integrity and objectivity, building partnerships, maintaining relevance, providing service, and creating excellence.

INR’s focus areas, programs, and projects address Oregon natural resource issues in the local, regional, national, and international context.

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