At HSRC we understand that poverty is linked to a number of health related issues.  As a part of the Healthy Campus Initiative we strive to increase access to healthy food and activities for those with limited resources.  Some of our initiatives have been:

  • Our food pantry offerings include fresh and frozen vegetables, proteins, and other food items.  We strive to have foods that will meet dietary as well as cultural needs and preferences. 
  • Our emergency food cupboard in Snell 233 provides students with snacks and food items meant to help fill the gaps in resources so that students get the brain food they need to study.
  • The Student Health Insurance Subsidy helps students to afford the cost of the campus health insurance.  Application form.
  • We provide resources and referrals for students looking for medical and dental care, as well as other forms of wellness programming and assistance.
  • HSRC works in partnership with CAPS and SHS to provide wrap-around care for students in poverty.
  • The Dinner on a Dime program provided attendees with a hot dinner, and was paired with speakers who taught students how to eat healthfully on a budget.
  • HSRC staff members serve on campus committees such as the Healthy Eating Committee and the Student Health and CAPS Advisory Boards.


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