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Clare Cady - HSRC Coordinator

Clare Cady

Clare Cady has served as the Human Services Resource Center Coordinator since January of 2010.  She holds a MA in Education from Washington State University, and spent the last 5 years working with troubled teens in a wilderness therapy program.  Clare is an avid outdoors person, yoga practitioner, gardener, and blogger.

Favorite Animal: Polar Bears
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Cheese – ALL THE CHEESES!
Random Fact: I know how to make fire by rubbing sticks together
Why I want to work for the HSRC: I am committed to removing barriers to education for low-income, first generation, and students experiencing poverty.
About Me: I am originally from Central NY, but moved here by way of WA and UT. When I am not working with the best student leaders on the planet, I am usually in the woods.



Leticia Chavez - Internal Coordinator

Major:  Psychology, Minor in WGSS
Year in school:  Junior
Favorite Insect:  Butterflies
Favorite Color:  Purple
Favorite Food:  Good Food!
Random fact about me:  I love walking in the rain.
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC:  I wanted to work for the HSRC becasue I wanted to make a positvie impact in the lives of students and also educate others about Poverty, Homelessness, Food Insecurity and Hunger here on campus.
About me: I have been living in Oregon almost al my life. I love listening to music. I want to travel the world and experience different cultures. I am horrified of Zombies!

Email Me: internal.hsrc@oregonstate.edu


Linda Doan - Internal Coordinator

Major:  Health and Management Policy
Year in school: Graduate, Second Year
Favorite Animal:  Puppies
Favorite Color:  Pink
Favorite Food:  Sushi
Random fact about me: I am allergic to every weeds, grass, tree and pollen in Oregon(so please don't push me into a bush). Also, orange soda gives me nose bleeds.
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC: I love working with students and serving the community for a good cause.

Email Me: internal.hsrc@oregonstate.edu


Alexsandra Dos Reis- External Coordinator


Major:  HDFS option of Human Services, double minor psychology & Spanish
Year in school:  Senior
Favorite Animal:  Monkeys
Favorite Color:  Orange & purple
Favorite Food: Ceviche & horchata
Random fact about me: I love shoes!
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC:  I applied to work at HSRC because I wanted to help students on campus to alleviate some of the situations that college students go through. I wanted to give back for the help I have received not only from HSRC but this was a great place to do that.
About me: Moved to the U.S. when I was five from Brazil. Grew up in Gervais, Oregon in a very strict Russian Orthodox family. I am the fifth child of seven and the first to go to college. I want to pursue a career in student affairs to help underrepresented students be successful in college.

Email me: hsrc.outreachcoordinator@oregonstate.edu

Lydia Elliott - Food Pantry Coordinator

Lydia Elliott

Major:  Sustainable Agriculture Production
Year in School:  Senior
Favorite animal:  Raccoon
Favorite color:  Black or pink
Favorite Dessert:  Berry Cobbler
Random fact:  I lived in Denmark for a while.
Why I wanted to work with the HSRC:  Because I wanted to find meaningful work making a positive difference in the lives of others. 
About me:  Gardening is my passion and hobby.  On a nice day (and even not so nice) you can always find me in my yard; weeding, pruning, or planting.  I moved to Oregon nine years ago from sunny California and feel like I have found my true home in the Pacific Northwest.  My other passions include reading, writing, and social activism. 

Email me: hsrc.foodpantry@oregonstate.edu



Ann Huynh - Volunteer Coordinator

Major:  Microbiology with double minors in Chemistry and Asian Language & Culture
Year in school:  Senior
Favorite Animal:  Dog
Favorite Color:  Rainbow
Favorite Food:  Homemade Food
Random fact about me: I clean my room and do dishes when I’m stress or bored.
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC:  I wanted to work for HSRC because I saw the positive impacts they made on many students.
About me: I was born and lived in Vietnam for 13 years before I moved to Portland, Oregon. I fluent in Vietnamese, Cantonese, English, and can speak very minimal Japanese. Me and my two sisters are the first generation from my family who graduated from high school and attending college. I love to eat, travel, and sleep.

Email Me: hsrc.volunteercoordinator@oregonstate.edu


Shanti Kriens - Outreach and Office Associate

Shanti Kriens

Major: Natural Resources
Year In School: Senior
Favorite Animal:  Zebra
Favorite Color:  Orange!!!!!!!
Favorite Dessert:  Seafood
Random Fact: Summer 2013 I hiked from Montana to Canada.
Why I Wanted to Work for the HSRC:  To help feed the hungry and alleviate any obstacles that may stop someone from their higher education.
About Me:  I'm an Army wife, step mom, doggie mom and student. I play Polo, no not in water, yes with horses. I volunteer with wildlife facilities in the local area and play with alligators and bald eagles.

Email me: hsrc.officecoordinator@oregonstate.edu

Lauren Nichols - AmeriCorps VISTA

Major:  Graphic Design/Art History AmeriCorps VISTA
Year in school:  Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in May 2013
Favorite Animal:  Labrador Retrievers
Favorite Color:  Dark Purple
Favorite Food:  Sushi and asian noodle dishes
Random fact about me:  I am from Wisconsin, and all the rumors are true, Wisconsinites really do love cheese and the Green Bay Packers
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC:  To gain valuable professional experience while helping students overcome hunger and financial hardships during their time at OSU. This position allows me to have hands on experience while learning about important issues such as food insecurity, poverty and homelessness. The skills I gain during my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA at HSRC will positively impact my future aspirations of going to graduate school and having a successful career.
About me: I enjoy classic movies, trying new food and wine.

Email Me: hsrc.vista@oregonstate.edu


Jon Tran - External Coordinator

Jon Tran

Major: General Science Option in Pre-Pharmacy, Minor in Chemistry
Year In School: Senior
Favorite Animal: Kitties!!
Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite Dessert:  Anything Italian
Random Fact:  I'm a first generation college student!
Why I Wanted to Work for the HSRC:  I love healthcare in different aspects and enjoy helping people.
About Me:  My name is Jonathan, Jon for short, grew up in Beaverton as well as attended Beaverton High School. I have 2 little sisters, and one of which goes to University of Oregon

Email me: external.hsrc@oregonstate.edu

Khoa Tran - Finance Coordinator

Major:  Computer Science
Year in school:  Sophmore
Favorite Animal: I like many animals, but if I have to pick one, I'll say a stag.
Favorite Color:  Blue & Green
Favorite Food:  I like a variety of food. (Have you noticed that I can't easily pick favorites?)
Random fact about me: I love the music of Johann Sebastian Bach! (There you go, now I can pick a favorite.)
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC: Poverty is a limiting factor that affects pretty much everything, not only the lives of those it directly impacts, but also a society such as ours, whose progress is measured by the well-being, independence, and growth of its citizens (such as the US). The college experience, particularly, is an important stage in human development that if limited by lack of resources, becomes a fruitless never-ending struggle. Yes, attending college usually doesn’t mean having a lot of money, but the ability to pay for food and shelter is imperative to our survival that without it, we simply can’t survive, let alone grow. The HSRC is committed to serve students in need and help them grow, and we as staff members  feel awesome to be a big part of that.
About me: Within the context of poverty, I am a person who very much knows how difficult it is to be born and live comfortably in another country, then to move here for the “American Dream”, only to have grand expectations shattered; to go through poverty, and eventually to heal myself from the trauma and move on. If you want to share something similar, I’m all ears! That aside, I love stimulating talks, get interested and inspired easily, like to read, and strive to be an explorer of things. I’m friendly, musical, and prone to cracking jokes that if you’re not ready, they may just blow you away!

Email Me: hsrc.finance@oregonstate.edu


Cindy Truong - SR3 Media Coordinator

Major:  Chemical Engineering with an Option in Biochemical Processes
Year in school:  Junior
Favorite Animal:  Nice animals! like a turtle!?
Favorite Color:  Bright colors... like white!
Favorite Food:  Seafood
Random fact about me: I am obsessed with any Pikachu related things.
Why I wanted to work for the HSRC: I wanted to work for the HSRC because I want to directly help people and do my part in a meaningful cause.
About me: I am the youngest of four (and lucky to have such awesome siblings.) I like to play video games and bake. I also make alot of jokes/sarcastic comments.

Email Me: sr3.media@oregonstate.edu


Agustin Edward Raphael Vega-Peters - Food Pantry Coordinator


Major:  English and Ethnic Studies
Year In School: Senior... Again! :)
Favorite Animal:  The often misunderstood Jackalope
Favorite Color:  Clear
Favorite Dessert:  Buffet
Random Fact:  The boy, A.V.P of St. Louis, Missouri, grew up beieving that he'd never truly be happy until the day he met... "the One." This Belief stemmed from early exposure to ssad British pop music and a total misreading of the T.V. Series, "Angel."

Why I Wanted to Work for the HSRC:  I grew up experiencing food insecurity and now want the chance to give back and support those in a similar situation.
About Me:   

“Well, if I had a nickel, I'd find a game
If I won a dollar, I'd make it rain
If it rained an ocean, I'd drink it dry
And lay me down dissatisfied

It's legs to walk and thoughts to fly
Eyes to laugh and lips to cry
A restless tongue to classify
All born to grow and grown to die

So tell my baby, I said so long
Tell my mother, I did no wrong
Tell my brother to watch his own
And tell my friends to mourn me none”

Townes Van Zandt

Email me: hsrc.foodpantry@oregonstate.edu